Property Tax St Lucia

All property owners must declare any property that they own to the IRD within 30 days of becoming the owner. The following information should be provided at that time:

 The description, Block and Parcel number and area of the property;
 The mailing address and a contact number of the owner or representative;
 In the event that additions are made to a property, the owner should inform the Department of the change.

Payment of property tax in St Lucia

The taxes are due within 30 days of the date on which the value of the property was determined by the IRD through a routine assessment.

Value Added Tax

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged when a taxable good or service is sold or provided regularly whether or not for profit. The prices of all goods and services should be listed inclusive of VAT. For more information, please visit the VAT implementation office website at

Value Added Tax Rates St Lucia

 Standard: 12.5% (effective February 1st 2017)
 Reduced: 10% on goods and services provided by hotels and other providers in the tourism sector
 Zero-rated: items taxed at 0%. Electricity and water are zero-rated
 Exempt: the goods and services that are exempt from VAT cannot be charged VAT
 VAT registered taxpayers cannot claim VAT on their personal purchases)

Persons and businesses that perform taxable activities are required to register and charge the VAT if they meet the required threshold. Only those businesses that are registered for VAT with the IRD can charge VAT.

The threshold

Businesses trading in taxable supplies must register within ten (10) working days with the IRD, if the taxable supplies or sales (goods and services):

 meet or exceed US $148,148.154 in the previous twelve months or less; or
 are reasonably expected to meet or exceed US $66,666.67 at the beginning of any period of three hundred and sixty-five days, and
 If in the first three months of trading their taxable supplies exceed US $16,666.67(comes with the condition that there are reasonable grounds to expect the total value of taxable supplies to be made by the person during that period and the next consecutive 9 months will exceed US $66,666.67).