Special Development Areas in St Lucia

The Special Development Areas Act is aimed at promoting balanced spatial and economic development of the island. The legislation provides incentives to approved investors/developers for the establishment of certain types of businesses in specially designated areas that are endowed with the necessary infrastructure and amenities for business development. The special development areas are Vieux-Fort, Anse La Raye, Soufriere, Canaries, Micoud, Cul de Sac Valley and Choc Estate.

The following are the types of businesses, which qualify for concessions in the locations highlighted above:
 Conference centres
 Residential complexes
 Commercial or industrial buildings, including office complexes
 Other facilities directed towards the improvement or expansion of services to the tourism sector
 Water-based activities
 Tourism projects highlighting the heritage and natural environment of Saint Lucia
 Arts and cultural investments
 Agricultural-based activities
 Fisheries-based activities